How To Take Care of Your Costume Jewelry

How To Take Care of Your Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry is fun and affordable, but let's be real, it's not real. However, there are no rules to this jewelry game. FAKE, COSTUME, REAL it does not matter as long as it fits your style and you love it.  Finding that best piece can be so rewarding and you just want it to last forever, right?

So, let me share with you how to keep your precious finds around for a long time. 

You want to keep your pieces dry and clean. No moisture of any kind, such as bathing, swimming, perfumes, and lotions and remove while exercising to avoid contact with sweat. 

I know you love your new piece and want it with you at all times. However, let your piece rest. When you rest, it rests, don't sleep in your jewelry. Find a dry, moisture-free drawer with dividers or jewelry box to store in.

Prevent snagging by putting your jewelry on after your make-up application and getting dressed.

Lastly, clean with a soft dry towel. Do not and I repeat do not use any jewelry cleaners. 

And that's it, easy right? Enjoy your beauties and we will talk later......




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