Work From Home During The Pandemic

Work From Home During The Pandemic

DO YOU LOVE FASHION? Why not sell it yourself AND have access to the discount for your personal collection? Simply show the jewelry when and wherever you want and make a 45% profit. 

Paparazzi Accessories is a Direct Sales company, which specializes in affordable and trendy accessories. We sell earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and hair clips for only $5. We also have a line of kid accessories for $1 and an upscale line for $25.

No gimmicks or pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is when money passes from one hand to another without product. With Paparazzi Accessories, ANYONE CAN GET TO THE TOP!

Paparazzi is a great way to start a small business from your home, great for stay at home moms, students, retirees, and men.

The compensation plan is AWESOME! You earn 45% on every item sold. You receive 15% on any starter kit when signing up new business partners. Plus a percentage on whatever they and their down-line purchases in the future.

I'm not done. There are bonuses, trips, rewarding conventions, and rewarding ranks all throughout the year.

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